1. There was no little circle to check I want option 1 I love it , its perfect you can make it out of several different fabrics and you could also wear a top under it and I love pockets. Great dress I’d totally buy this pattern.

  2. Love both options but number two is my favourite. It’s so very pretty and elegant. Love that you’d be able to choose a contrasting fabric for the bodice ruffle. Also potential for different skirt lengths. Love it!

  3. Option #2 with a higher neckline is perfect. It could also be worn as a jumper with a thin turtleneck. It would look good in many different lengths. It could be made with or without a contrasting fabric in the ruffle. I had a white pique dress in this style and wore it for years. Love, love, love!

  4. I love Option 1, but I second the request for a version with more coverage on top. (I actually think it would make a nice jumper for fall, with a turtleneck underneath.)

  5. I like option 1. If I were to pick option 2 I would not have such a deep V neckline and I would have an alternate view with some sleeve to cover the upper arm

  6. I like Option #2! I’m a freak for pleats, and I love the ribbon belt at the waist to add a bit of definition.

  7. I love Option #2 — so elegant. The vertical design elements are perfect for embellishments and will enhance any figure.

  8. I think option 2 is a much better first pattern.
    The “ruffles” allow for creativity and fun but could be left of for sleekness
    The v-neck and inverted pleats add length
    and as the curvy type, I have no idea how I could make the top of option one work for me…

  9. WOW – Love, love love both but okay here it goes. Number 1 gets my vote. With summer coming – what a way to dress to go out in style. Love it.

  10. Dress 1 has my imagination running wild.. the dress screamed style me for all occasions. I’d omit the pelum….using wool for those cold and frosty mornings. Long sleeved top, boots and a short crop jacket….to flowing fabrics for the warmer months….I’m no expert but I also visualizing using the patten to make separates.

  11. This a tricky one as they’re both lovely. I choose Option 2 because you can vary it using the same base pattern far more than you can with Option 1. Apron; mini, midi or maxi dress; maxi dress with a split in the skirt; tunic top.

    So, choose Option 2, please!

  12. I really like both, so if I had to choose, I would pick #2 for the lovely elegance of it! I see so many possibilities!

  13. Congratulations on getting set up.
    All though both options are lovely for me it has to be #2
    It’s young and feminine without being to girly, as a more mature lady
    I can also see me being able to wear this.
    I would add pockets though 🙂 and I can see potential for changes so that I could have several in different colours, fabrics, altered neckline. So many possibilities.
    Be great if #1 got a look in sometime in the future too.

  14. I prefer option #2. I like the “V” neckline and the ruffles. Varying lengths and with or without ruffles would be great.

  15. I’m pretty sure you could do both. But I absolutely love option 2. If you don’t release it I’m going to obsess over it (And might pester you to release It!)

  16. I love Option #2. It is so very feminine and dainty and I love ruffles. It could also be made in a shorter length for everyday wear.

  17. I vote for opyion 2. I am attending a dance competition in June. I have fabric that would be super sew in this dress. I hope it wins

    • I chose no 2 of the dresses. I love the style. No 1 I like also, you can play with other colors and wear it summer or winter. It’s actually a difficult choice to make…

  18. I vote of option two. I love the different lengths that can be make and the different fabrics and colors that can be used on the ruffle. I am not a young girl anymore but I feel I could do wonders with this dress. I just love the style.

  19. I choose option 2. Although I can’t see me wearing either one of these dresses I would enjoy making the second option dress. The first seems sloppy to me and I like smoother lines. I think I would have to add something in the bust area, (Op2) it’s a little low for my taste.

  20. Oh my! Can’t we have both?
    Option 1 is so cool, edgy, fresh; perfect for the upcoming summer season.
    Option 2 is very feminine (a proper frock) and the variations with it are endless.
    If I can only have one, then it has to be Option 2.

  21. Unlike others why could we not have both. The first looks lovely now but why not in blue chambray or a bandanna/ tropical print for Spring/Summer with little white eyelet for the trim followed by a green plaid for fall sort of modified jumper look perfect with a modified turtleneck and great boots. The second dress could be the perfect bridesmaid pattern with a matching lace insert of the same fabric as the dramatic ruffles. This dress is heading towards the royal watching level so maybe a mutton sleeve with a matching insert in order as one option.

  22. I like the second option. I believe it would suit more figure types and there are more options for making it look different, thus getting more value from the pattern. Good luck with your new venture.

  23. I love number two! That gorgeous 20s-style shaping is lovely! And you could leave off the sleeve ruffles for a simple glam dress.

  24. Although option 2 makes my heart sing I think there are quite a few vintage patterns that are similar to this. So I vote 1 for originality, it is pretty cool. An option to not have such a large ruffle would be good too!

  25. My absolute favorite is NO 1!!!
    This could be long with front slit or short skirt or even Bodysuit.
    I like belt details as well. many many options with this pattern…..

  26. I choose option 2. I prefer more fitted clothing. Also like that there are more style option. Ie all in black would make a lovely evening/coctail dress. It can easily be shortened and would make a lovely everday wear dress. So, yes so many more option with this one. Love the idea that it can be dressed up or down.

  27. Option 2 for the timeless elegance and possible variations. But you have a winner with number 1 as well. I think both dresses epitomise the 70s classy yet casual vibe. Love them.

  28. Prefiero la opción #2, elegante, femenino, romántico con el volante. Le veo muchas opciones, corto o largo, con contraste de telas, con o sin volante. Siento no saber inglés, utilizo traductor!

  29. Dress 2! So many patterns exist for the tall and thin but less for us of a more curvy variety. For pear shapes, the arm details pulls the eye up and evens out the bottom…and that pulled in waist…yes. Best part…I could make use of my super techie sewing machine’s embroidery capabilities!!!! I would think one of the sewing machine companies would get behind this pattern!

  30. Option 2 is definitely my first choice. The pattern currently displayed is extremely elegant, but it allows for easy “hacks”, and then it is a soho, maxi or a tea length, or tunic. Plus, it is easy to use it for a top and separate skirt.

  31. I love Option 2. It would be perfect for my daughters. I like the frills/ruffles they are not over the top, very stylish.

  32. Option 2 !
    This evening dress is stunning and with a little transformations it could be a pretty day dress 🙂
    So many options with this pattern…

  33. I choose option 2. The flounced sleeve caps invite design detailing, such as the embroidery in the picture, but I could see piping along the edges as well. The princess line of the dress is more figure flattering than option 1. The skirt length could also be varied more than with option 1.

  34. Option two is more than fabulous!! Would love to make it in a shorter version – long dresses look off on a shorty like me.

  35. option 2; I think the top with a little more shoulder coverage than #1 would work for more people (all right, for me!) but I LOVE the pockets on #1.